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Welcome to the SpArc Marketplace!

SpArc MarketPlace is a virtual salesroom designed to provide a space and opportunity for in-house entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and assist in bringing their products to market.

Our first featured product is this hand crafted dollhouse that is sure to bring hours of enjoyment to the children in your life. The dollhouse is made of Baltic Birch and measures 16 inches long, 7.5 inches deep, and 10.25 inches tall (16”x7.5”x10.25”). Each playset comes with furnishings for the bedroom, kitchen and dining area.

Why buy this product at a premium price? That’s simple. Every purchase helps to empower a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities to begin down the path of competitive employment.

Unemployment in general is high, and for people with a disability, that number is almost double. Through this venture, we are working to do our part in changing that number, and hope that you will too.

Order yours today!

Featured Product