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The Board Announces Nofre Vaquer as incoming CEO

Effective July 1, 2023, Nofre Vaquer will take the reins as CEO for SpArc Philadelphia. Nofre has been serving the organization for more than 14 years, and has moved up in various roles with increasingly more responsibility, most recently as Chief Operating Officer.

Before joining SpArc, Nofre worked at CoreStates Bank in Philadelphia and at Bank of New York, where he was responsible for managing national and international sovereign financial management. He also held senior positions in supply chain organizations, in publishing and in the hotel industry, with national and international operations spanning three continents. Nofre has also worked in project and finance management for the commercial real estate development industry in Florida.

Nofre brought this broad experience and vast knowledge to SpArc, and throughout his tenure has helped elevate the organization by methodically bringing it into the 21st century, creating and implementing a detailed technology plan, streamlining business process, and improving program tracking capabilities. Nofre also helps keep the organization fiscally sound by working on budget management and cost saving measures.

Nofre is driven by the mission of supporting individuals with disabilities to be included in their communities and have access to resources that help them reach their potential, and has a deep personal connection to the mission as a family member of individuals with disabilities.

Nofre is a strong advocate focused on making sure that disability services are top of mind to federal, state and local legislators and ensuring dedicated funding and resources are available to service providers. Nofre's advocacy and leadership are evidenced by his service on the boards of RCPA and UniqueSource Products and Services.

Originally from Mallorca, Spain, Nofre moved to the Philadelphia area to attend St. Joseph’s University where he earned his bachelor and master’s degrees. Nofre resides in Flourtown, Pennsylvania, with his wife Cheryl and their daughters Lydia and Margot.

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